What We Do

First Immanuel is seated at a crossroads between the Illinois Medical District and the communities of the Near West Side. Our church family lives both in these immediate areas but also throughout greater Chicagoland. Even so, our church family is deeply invested in our immediate community. Here are a few glimpses:

Saturday Confirmation Class

Middle School-aged students from all spiritual backgrounds come with their friends to learn the basics of the Bible. What is the story of God’s people? Who is Jesus? What do Lutheran Christians believe about him? Why is it significant?

Christmas Pageant

The annual Christmas Pageant is an event six weeks in the making. Each year our church family comes together, inviting the entire neighborhood, young and old, to be assigned essential roles in the narrative. This two hour production encompasses the whole story of Christ, from birth to ascension.

International Student Conversations

Volunteers gather to have discussions with students from other countries on Friday and Saturday mornings. This veteran ministry makes friends out of strangers in the name of Christ.