We welcome all people to discipleship in the name of Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:16-19). We are all equal under the cross. God’s Grace is sufficient for all those who seek God.  We believe that there is something at First Immanuel for everyone. First Immanuel prides itself on being a diverse gathering of Christians, and we echo the welcome Jesus extended to any and all children of God. As both sinners and saints, we strive to deepen our understanding of the Word of God and ask you to join us as we follow God’s path towards Grace.  We hope you will develop a deeper connection to God as your own spiritual journey progresses through baptism, teaching, worship and service.

Our Story

First Immanuel is a diverse gathering of Christians, centered and immersed in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We call all to discipleship in the love of Christ, through baptism, teaching, worship, and service.

Originally organized by German immigrants as a daughter congregation of First St Paul Lutheran Church, First Immanuel is the second oldest Lutheran parish in the city. The many years are filled with wonderful moments like the members crowding in the towers to watch the Cubs win…