Our Community

First Immanuel Lutheran Church in Chicago is a historic congregation “serving the city” since 1854. People of different races and languages have all found, and still find, a place here at the cross. We lead lives of service in various ways:


We gather on Wednesday evenings for Supper’n’Study, a time to eat together and be fed physically and spiritually.

Sunday School Team

On Sunday mornings, children find a diverse group of caring adults ready to teach them about Jesus.

Theology on Tap

Twenty and Thirty somethings join together monthly for recreation and spiritual growth. They come from different parts of the country or world, having various professions, but all who gather find a warm seat at the pub.

Senior Club

Our Senior Club gets together monthly for a time of fellowship. The Senior Club hosts activities and supports many of the discipling activities carried out at First Immanuel.


Youth serve by lighting candles during worship. Acolyting teaches them discipline, reliability, and a solid work ethic in service to the Lord.

Altar Guild

Members maintain altar cloths, robes used in worship.


Singers offer praise during the worship service. Their music adds variety and beauty to our time together.

Fellowship Committee

This group coordinates food for significant events, which is almost every event at First Immanuel!

Stephen Ministry

Lay Members of the congregation listen to those needing a compassionate ear. This loving relationship is grounded in complete confidentiality.

Property Committee

Talented individuals safeguard the edifice and maintain facilities. Without their faithful service, our ministries would not thrive!


Friendly faces meet and greet guests and members at the door. They collect offering and make sure the service goes smoothly.