“Swords and Crosses” Sermon about the violence and rioting we’re experiencing today

“Swords and Crosses” Sermon about the violence and rioting we’re experiencing today


Teacher and their student vs a master and slave – If someone crucified our leader, how would we be different? Would the 

If you have a leader, and the leader is killed by those who oppose him, should the followers expect anything different? If youvtruely believe in the leader’s message, would you stop? With what they witnessed, the disciples were willing to sacrifice their lives to promote that message. Being a Christian and standing up for the values of Jesus will not be easy, but it’s the right thing to do. 

Most of us have an image of Jesus as the Good Shepherd. So what do we do with Jesus’ words, “I have come not to bring pease, but a sword.”? The gospel will encounter resistance.

Images we have of Jesus – we have no physical description, probably so we can relate
Good Shepherd
Photo of undefeated Jesus as victorious boxer – defeated death
Jesus as a judge
In scripture – usually describe violence and death
symbolically – points to opression and those who have misused power
surgery – separates the thoughts and intentsions of our hearts. Jesus calls us to be separated from our sin. The cross divides us from our sin when we follow Jesus.
called to take up cross, not sword
die to self-leave sinful habits behind and live for others and Christ even when it’s not easy
Connected to Christ

The violence happening today is an example of how there are well intntioned people on both sides, but in some, it brings out violent resistance and hate in some, and violence in the name of “protection” in others. We may be called to sacrifice, 

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